You never know who will pick what (Click to read full post)

Dear Collectors and Friends, 

No paintings to show. Instead I have a fun group of gesture drawings I did on my iPhone using an app called Freeform and my finger. 

I didn’t have time to paint this summer because I was finishing my book on the history of the People Wall mural, a unique work of public art, here in Corning’s City Hall. It has taken me three years to research and write, collaborating with hundreds of people. Lots of fun, but tedious. It’s become a 208 page book with 225 color images and weighs over 2 pounds! I volunteered my time and now our historical society is selling it. All proceeds go to them and their efforts to preserve our local history.  

As my creative outlet (and because I didn’t have to set up or clean up my studio), I made digital drawings. I’ve been posting them on my new Instagram account:  @barbblumer_art  It may be of interest to you.   It’s dedicated to creativity/art/quotes/humor/work-in-progress.  

I been asking people to pick a favorite from the deck of gesture drawings which I then post. As usual, I can never predict who will pick what.  

As always, thank you for your interest in my work.