Barbara Hall Blumer
  Self-Portrait 2009
(pronounced Bloomer) (born 1955, USA) lives in Corning, New York in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York state.

She is a realistic oil painter with a leaning towards creating imaginary worlds. Her interests include landscapes, quirky people and situations, and the rituals of life.  She maintained a studio and gallery in Corning, on historic Market Street for many years.  She is currently working from her home studio, developing new work.
Farm Cathedral

Her paintings are done mostly in oils, and are colorful interpretations of her view of the world and relationships. 
Here's the work for her last show (2022) for the Arts Center of Yates County in Penn Yan, New York at the top of Keuka Lake.  It's been a while since she has had time to paint.  
To stay creative, Barbara has been making gesture drawings on her iPhone using her finger and a program called Freeform.  She published the top 100 last September on Social Media.  It's not something new.  She made iPaintings a la David Hockney back in 2011 when she purchased her first iPad.  The program she used back then was called ArtRage.  

Recently, she became a local author, publishing a book in November 2023, entitled People Wall '76: The Mural in City Hall.  (ISBN:  979-8-9890459-0-7)  It was a community project, taking over three years to research while she served on the Public Art Committee for the City of Corning. The book is 208 pages with lots of images and supplemental facts about the work of public art called The People Wall, unique and innovative for its time. It combines her interests and experience in art history, photography, genealogy and storytelling.  She donated her work as a gift to the Corning community.  All proceeds from the book go to the C-PP Historical Society for their efforts in preserving our local history.  It will continue to be available for sale at and copies are available to read at the Corning SESC Library and CMoG's Rakow Library.  

Going forward, she will be continuing her support of the community by researching and sharing more people-oriented storytelling projects.  At least two more are in the works.  Stay tuned.  

The Priests
In the past, Barbara has also been a fine art photographer, including a show at the Arnot Art Museum in 2012 entitled The Observer.  Her black and white photographs are observations of people and nature which make you think twice and look closer.  She has published several photography books, including Artists in Their Studios which was a companion book to her show at West End Gallery with the same title in 2009.  As the world moved to digital viewing, she gave up printing photography in 2019 but continues to make images to use on her Feast Everyday food recipes blog and for her other work.  

She has an Art History degree from Brown University, followed by a business career, including Dansk Designs, Corning Incorporated and Two Sisters Studio jewelry. She began seriously studying painting and photography in the 90’s and had her first exhibit in 2003.  She has maintained BHB Studio & Gallery for her paintings and photography since 2012.  Now, her paintings are available online at and through the ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes Peacock Gallery in Corning.  

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