Paintings (Archives)

"Landscape No. 1", 12 x 16" Oil

"Peonies", 16x20" Oil

"The Conversation" 10 x 8" Oil

"Not a Banana", 6x4" Oil

"The Groundfall Pear", 6x4" Oil

"Vernon Reading the Bible", 8x10" Oil

"Ancient River", 6x10" Oil

"Curly, Larry and Moe", 8x10" Oil

"Sleeping Rabbit", 8x10" Make-up Painting

"Magic Carpet" 4x6" Oil

"Imaginary Landscape" 8x10 Oil

"Writing Nook" 1 3/4" round oil

"Lake with Wild Sweet Peas" 8x10 Oil

"Morning Valley Farm" 6x10" Oil

"Meditation on the Meaning of Home"  36" x 48" Oil

"Big Sky Country Road " 36x48" Oil on Canvas (the sides are painted, too)

"Fall River" 6x9" Oil

"Windrows", 10 x 20 Oil

"Potting Shed" 6x9" Oil

"Farm Field View", 8x10" Oil

"Purple Sky", 6x4" Oil

"River Reflections", 8x10" oil

"Lake Cows" 6x9" Oil

"Spring Narcissus" 10x10 Oil

"First Cut" 12x16" Oil

"On the Road Again" 14 x 18" Oil

Wineglass Marathon Selection 2015
"Breakthrough", 9x12" Oil

"Sunrise", 4x6 with 1 1/2" Oil Painting, Little World No. 2

"Ask the Moon" 12 x 9 Oil

"Cindy's View", 12 x 16 Oil

"Spooky Rockwell" 8x10 Oil

"Acrobats" 10x8" oil

"Yellow Tulips", 18x14 Oil

"Turtle Cloud", 18x24" Oil

"Amelia's Pond", 24 x 32" Oil

"Reaching", 18 x 12" Oil

"Bouquet" 10x8 Oil

"Barn Fans", 11 3/4" x 16" Oil

'Inkeeper's Doorknob", 10x8" Oil

"Keuka Sunset II", 6x9" Oil

Keuka Sunset, 9x6" Oil

"Lake at Dusk", 8x10 Oil

"Keuka Lake from Penny's Place", 4x6 Oil

"Pitcher Full", 10x8 Oil

"Peacock", 28x26" Oil

"Waiting", 32x24" Oil

"Grace's Garden", 8x10" Oil

"Hay Barn", 11x14 Oil"

"Farm Path", 12"x9" Oil

"Ode to Buechner", 12x9" Oil

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