Lake Cows II


“Lake Cows II”
16x20” Oil (Large)

This is a larger 16 x 20 inch version of Lake Cows which you may recognize from the past.  The small one --- which was about 6 x 10 inches and a slightly different shape --- was acquired by a visitor from Australia, so I always think about it being "down under."  Hope this version finds a new home, too. 

The larger canvas provides room for more sky and I was able to develop more interest in the sloping hills across the lake, in addition to the long shadows in the field where the cows are grazing.  

It has a classic gold wood frame.  Additional views of the painting in a room to judge its size are available upon request.  

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BHB Studio
Barbara Hall Blumer
Corning, New York
"Lake Cows II" Oil Painting

"Lake Cows II" Oil Painting


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