Available Photographs


In 2019, I decided to give up my photography to focus on painting.  My printer, my camera and my process had become woefully out of date. 

Black and white photography was a big part of my life for 20 years but it was time to move on, to choose where to focus my energies. 

I really loved photography. And still miss it.  

I enjoyed the storytelling aspect of creating and presenting an image.  Then, letting the viewer interact with the image and create their own narrative.

I also enjoyed creating essays and books. I made 
  • In Their Studios
  • Cottage Quiet
  • Thousand Islands 
  • The Observer

My work was shown at 
  • West End Gallery 2008
  • Arnot Art Museum 2012
  • BHB Gallery 2012-2019

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you are interested.  comments@barbarahallblumer for further details.

All dimensions include the mat and the frame. Frames are black matte wood. I printed and framed all of the images myself using an Epson Stylus R2400 with K3 inks on Ilford paper.

Thank you for your interest in my work!


"Terra Firma"
14x11 inches AVAILABLE

"Frozen Tourist",
16 x 20 inches AVAILABLE

16 x 20 inches  AVAILABLE

"Noodles", 14x11 inches  AVAILABLE
(shown with mat and frame)

"Vines", 11x14 inches  AVAILABLE

"King of the Road"
11x14 inches  AVAILABLE

20 x 16 inches  AVAILABLE

20 x 16 inches  AVAILABLE

"Middle C"
20x16 inches  AVAILABLE

16 x 20 inches AVAILABLE

"Ready, Set, Go"
24 x 28 inches AVAILABLE

"The Priests"
24 x 28 inches

"Hi Rise"
24 x 28 inches  AVAILABLE

"Brick and Mortar"
20x16 inches AVAILABLE

11x14 inches AVAILABLE

"Mechanically Minded"
20x16 inches AVAILABLE

"Lucky Wishes"
11x14 inches AVAILABLE

14x11 inches  AVAILABLE

"Empty Window"
20x16" inches AVAILABLE