"Rabbit, Rabbit" Oil Painting

"Rabbit, Rabbit"
3"x3" Oil in 7"x7" frame 

I have really enjoyed my year off from painting.  When I gave up my studio on historic Market Street here in Corning last summer, I felt a little discombobulated, but then I began to really enjoy my freedom to do as I pleased.  And, now I am grateful I have not had to cope with having a studio open to the public during the COVID epidemic. 

"Rabbit, Rabbit" was the last painting I had on my easel before my sabbatical. Unnamed at the time.  I think I was calling it  "Cottontail" then.  

Rabbit, Rabbit is a good luck phrase that one tries to say as soon as they wake up on the first day of the month.  I first learned about the superstition when I went away to college on the East Coast.  

You can hear or read about the quirky tradition here on this short NPR broadcast: Say Rabbit, Rabbit

I thought "Rabbit, Rabbit" was an appropriate way to kick off painting again.  Feels good to be picking up a brush again.  
I framed it in a shadow box which I "stole" from one of my husband's old awards, and fixed it up to house the rabbit.  

FYI, our dining room has become my temporary painting studio.  Nice windows on two sides.  

"Rabbit, Rabbit" is available at the ARTS, during their summer show, July 12 - August 21.  Contact:  Chris Walter, Gallery Curator, at the ARTS, chris@eARTS, 607-962-1332.  Or contact me directly, BarbBlumer@gmail.com.   


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