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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Profusion" Oil Painting

20 x 24 inches
So here is how the big floral painting looks now that it is completed and framed.  It is large: 20 x 24 inches.   The title is "Profusion."
I was channeling Klimt's landscapes and the peony farm near Hall, New York.  The flower gardens there are in front of an old red barn.  But I was making it up, i.e, thinking about music compositions as I did.  The sunflower is the soloist.  And the other groups of flowers are the various sections of instruments in the symphony.
I utilized the pink background whenever possible --- letting it peek through. When needed, I bought some flowers from the farmer's market one week (for the white ones) and sunflowers from Wegman's another week.
Here it is in the window so that people walking by can see it.  It is a cheerful painting.


Friday, September 4, 2015

Wineglass Marathon Poster 2015

Mock-up of what the poster might look like--
Wineglass Marathon Poster prototype

The Wineglass Marathon organizers have chosen one of my paintings to be on this year's poster.  The race is in its 34th year.  It is a very successful, sold-out event which takes place this year on Oct 4, 2015 here in Corning.

This is the second year of their producing a poster to go along with the event, and I am very pleased that they thought of me and my work.