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Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Daffodils" Make-up Painting

20 x 16 (frame size)
Make-up Painting

I completed this make-up painting a while ago, but had trouble photographing it due to glare on the glass. Yesterday, I removed the glass and was able to make a good image of it.

It is the 5th of the make-up paintings I have completed.

These are daffodils from our backyard ---  in a glass milk bottle which I found in an antiques shop down the street from my studio.  I set up the still life and made some good photos of it, then turned it to black and white to use as my reference for this project.

I painted it with Bobbi Brown eye make-up which I applied with brush and water, using warm and cool grays and browns.  The whitest whites comes from the white of the watercolor paper left untouched.

This time I used pencil to help me with the drawing and edges.  And, I worked carefully and diligently to get as much contrast as I could, i.e., a range of tones between a darkest black to a lightest white.

Here it is at an earlier stage side by side with the reference.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Oil Painting : Purple Sky

"Purple Sky"
6 x 4 Oil

Here my latest oil painting:  "Purple Sky".  It's small --- only 6 x 4 -- but looks like bigger in its handsome 10 x 8 black wood frame with a gold inset.

The sky turned purple and dramatic as the sun set on this particular summer evening.  The water reflections were my favorite part to paint.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

"Lake Cows" Oil Painting

"Lake Cows"
6 x 9 Oil

Here's the latest painting from my easel.  fyi  -  It's on the small side -- 6x9".

On Monday, I made a fairly detailed drawing using a graphite pencil from a photo I took a few summers ago, then fixed it so the drawing wouldn't smudge.

Yesterday, I painted it in one session.  I left it loose and let the orange ground peak through.

I used bold, saturated colors and applied the technique of massing values, which means to avoid painting too many details and to look for where there are big changes are in lights and darks.  For example, paint a tree, not the leaves on the tree.  In addition, look for where is the sunlight the brightest, and where are the shadows the darkest.

I really enjoyed painting the cows.  I used the least amount of detail as I could by focusing on where the light changes direction and the essence of their bodies.