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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Additions to Studio

My new taboret (work station)

Over the winter, I added a nice quality taboret.  A taboret or tabouret is a rolling storage cart used to help organize painting materials and provide an additional work surface in conjunction with an easel.

I researched many options and retailers. In the end, I chose Madison Art Shop and I was very satisfied with how quickly and proficiently they handled my order.  My taboret is made by Best Studio.

My new extra large, extra smooth palette made by Amish 

On top is my new extra large palette from New Wave which I ordered from Cheap Joe's.  It is made of furniture-quality maple in Lancaster county, PA by the Amish. 

Studio Incamminati 

I purchased it so I can use the expanded color palette recommended by Studio Incamminati.  I took a portrait course with Lea Colie Wight and she creates beautiful paintings with these colors.  
Not your typical book case
And my favorite addition is my new book case, made by SEI,  for my references.  
Now I have a reading corner, and can peruse my books, as needed.  

The water damage last Fall forced me to get everything up off the floor and to get more organized.  The forced upgrades have been good for me.  


Monday, April 28, 2014

Where have you been?

My aunt's stool and a landscape I've started

I have been getting lots of questions:  where have I been and what am I working on now?

Well, I wish I had more to show but I have been busy doing other things --- which I also enjoy --- like traveling to see family and friends, doing genealogy research, and catching up on my food blog, Feast Everyday.

In addition, I have been helping my cousin clean out and sell our elderly aunt's condo in Pittsburgh.  Very time consuming.  And you can't help but think about your own mortality and the meaning of stuff (and how we are often weighed down by it.)  Nonetheless, my studio has benefited by getting this cool, adjustable stool from my aunt's office. (see photo above)

I remember the writer, Andre Dubus III, saying that "just because you aren't writing [painting], it doesn't mean you aren't working."  Early on in his career, he was a carpenter to pay his bills and thought about his writing all of the time he was doing carpentry.  So I think (hope) all of these other activities are going to enrich my art work.

We'll see.