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Monday, July 15, 2013

"Barn Window" Oil Painting

"Barn Window"
8 x 10 Oil on Panel

This painting was a little wet when I photographed it so unfortunately there is some glare, but it gives you the general idea.

 It was fun to paint the variety of textures -- the red roughness of the barn against the green mound of morning glories, and the hardness of the glass against the softness of the old curtain inside the window.   And to create the warmth of the sun hitting the top of the plant but indicating coolness in the shadows.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Reaching" Oil Painting

18" x 12" Oil on Panel
This painting is based on a favorite photograph, entitled "Reaching".  Now that I have basic painting laid in, I am debating whether or not to make it tighter or just leave it as it is. 

I am getting more used to showing my work in progress.  I put things in the window to dry. 

And collect comments  --- some of which I listen to, and others that I don't.  But it is helpful to hear what others are seeing and how they are reacting to what I am doing. 


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Large Floral Oil Painting

Large Floral As of This Week
24 x 32 oil on panel

I am on the home stretch with this painting.  It's intended to be bright and loose.  Yesterday I put it in its frame and hung it on the wall of the studio to see how it is going to look.  It's quite large -- 24 x 32 inches --- which is big for me. 

And here's how it looked along the way.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Crazy Quilt on Display at My Studio

On Display in My Studio at 11 West
Since I last posted, I have secured my studio space --- at 11 West Market Street here in Corning  --- for 2 years -- until June 2015. 

I am very happy to know that I can settle in and tackle some of the projects I have put off because I just didn't have enough space at home. 

Enough space to hang the quilt under my name on the back wall

One of these "I need a bigger space" projects is to photograph a crazy quilt that my late mother had stored in her cedar chest. 

The crazy thing is she never told us anything about it, and now that it is up on the wall I don't recognize any of the names.

It has a date on it of 1894.  There is an L in the center and the initials RCL, and about 20 names, including Lizzie, Davy, George, Blanche, mamma, papa, and Anna M.  The maker appears to be M.S.

It is a mystery to solve --- and I will enjoy figuring out who these people are and how they are connected.

Also, I thought it appropriate to post here on the blog because it symbolizes all the energy I have been putting into collecting and distributing information and photographs about family and friends recently. 

Some would say I have been obsessed with genealogy.   But, to me,  it has been a rich and rewarding experience  --- and I know it is going to show up in my art one way or the other ---