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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Field of Cows Landscape Oil Painting

Field of Cows
8 x 10 Oil on Panel

Well, I didn't get the still lifes done as hoped by Dec 15. (I don't know why I put the pressure on myself, in retrospect.  Do artificial deadlines ever really work?) So, I still have to finish those.

But, I did make this little painting--- as an experiment---which I think turned out pretty well.  Unlike the still lifes, I decided to "attack"   the painting, and get it done in only one session, do or die.  AND, I painted it from a photo on my iPad, which kept going to sleep on me.  I was forced to paint quickly-- with bigger shapes ---with less detail.  The panel was toned a medium green underneath, which really helped.

I had watched a video recommended by a friend where the artist used the word "attack" about 10 times in his description about how he worked.  He really pushes himself to finish a passage completely in one session.  But he also lets himself have a couple of attempts at it, scraping down what may not be working, if necessary.

Attacking your painting sounded too aggressive when I first heard it, but now I understand how valuable it can be to get it all out, get it all down, quickly, while you are on a roll.