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Friday, April 27, 2012

"New Mother" iPainting

"New Mother" iPainting

This is the only iPainting I have done this year, since finishing the 75 iPaintings project last year.  She's not in the book, and she's not the bird below, but I thought I'd show her anyway, since we are at the height of nestmaking here.

Killdeer Bird with Nest -- Look closely under her body and you will see the eggs
As an example, there is a bird who built a nest, with four eggs, in the middle of the driveway outside our storage unit where we've been going to get the furniture for the new studio space.  A Good Samaritan constructed a mini-Stonehenge around the nest to keep cars from running over it.


I completed a Blurb book of my iPainting, called 75 iPaintings, which tells the story of my adventure making them.  You can preview it by clicking above.

And yesterday I ordered Moo.com cards to match.

I will be using my new studio space at 11 West Market Street to have a conversation about them.  What do people think about digital art?

I can explore what's the best way to view them ---digitally on an iPad or big screen?  in book format?  small framed prints?  iPad sized prints?  poster size enlargements?  or none of the above.

One suggestion I have already received is to make a iPad painting version one of my traditional oil paintings,  then print it out the same size as the oil painting and see what people think.  Then, the only variable is technique.  And it would prove how realistic you can paint on an iPad.  Food for thought.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Temporary Studio on Market Street

The soon-to-be  BHB Art Studio at 11 West Market Street

Today I started setting up an art studio in an empty storefront at 11 West Market Street in Corning. 

It's a great location between the Palace movie theater and Old World Cafe, directly across the street from West End Gallery.

It's going to give me room to expand to set up my painting projects --- I'd don't have room at home -- as well as present my photographs and iPaintings on the walls.

My oil paintings will continue to be sold across the street at West End Gallery.

I am not a retail shop, so I won't have regular stores hours, but I will be open by appointment and when I am there working.

I get to stay until a solution is found for the space.  World of Glass moved down the street, and they are looking for a new renter.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"From Here to There" Oil Painting

"From Here to There"
12" x 8" Oil on Panel

I am donating this oil painting, "From Here to There," for the upcoming fundraiser for the Fund for Women on April 27 at CMoG, where Senator Kirsten Gillibrand will be the guest speaker.  The topic is empowering girls and women.

I chose it for two reasons. 

I thought that a bridge would be a good metaphor.  We all need support to achieve our goals, and some women need the support of an organization like Fund for Women to make a step-change to their situation.

Also, I wanted to find a new, positive purpose for this painting.  Back in 2002, when I started it, I had electrical malfunctions/irregular heartbeats while painting it during workshop.  So, I associate it with that experience.

Before I reworked it recently, it looked like a scary forest scene, like in the Wizard of Oz movie.  Now it purposely has a more storybook quality to it.  I warmed up the whole scene, and made it loose and colorful.

I didn't have a photo reference for it, so my husband kindly went back to the park with me, and we walked around with the painting in hand, until we found the location where we thought the original photo was taken.

The trees had grown a lot in ten years.

And I feel the same way.


To learn more about the Fund for Women and their upcoming event:  www.communityfund.org/fund-for-women