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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

iPaintings: Untitled

Thought I'd post the iPaintings I have done over the last few weeks while we have been traveling and busy with family. 

This first one was completed in the Detroit airport during our layover to San Antonio.   Any suggestions for a title?


Thursday, November 17, 2011

"The Princess and The Pea" Oil Painting

"The Princess and The Pea"
11 3/4" x 13"  Oil on Panel

Just framed the final version of "Pumpkin on a Pillow" and named it "The Princess and The Pea."  I will be dropping it off at West End Gallery later today for their opening on Friday night, 5 to 7:30.  West End Gallery has a new website, too.  Check it out.  www.westendgallery.net.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Japan Trip - Takeo Takemasa Exhibit

We recently returned from a two week vacation in Japan.  (Don't worry, we were far away from the nuclear reactor fallout.) We really enjoyed our experience -- the scenery, the people, their history, the food, the gardens, the art, the ceramics, the trains, etc.  I came back very inspired.
Ticket and Flyer for Takeo's Exhibit at the Daimaru Museum Exhibit

One of the purposes of our trip was to see Takeo Takemasa's art exhibit in Kyoto.  He is a master glass engraver and we are lucky to have as our next-door-neighbor back home, here in Corning. 

It was a rare opportunity to see his 35 pieces of his work, created over the last 20 years.  Most of his collectors are in Japan. Few people from Corning -- I think we were the first -- to have seen an exhibit of his work.

It was amazing!  And the visitors were truly excited to see the work. 
Each piece was shown in an individual case, lit from above, so you could walk around and around the piece to view it from all angles. 

Some of the pieces are quite tall.  Most of them are multiple pieces of glass which fit together in clever combinations.

All are exquisitely engraved.

The glass is ultra pure, ultra clear, and highly polished which showcases his beautiful tonal engravings.

 The glass shape, size and arrangement is as important to design as is the engraving.

An overview, written by David Whitehouse of Corning Museum of Glass, was presented, shown here in English but also in Japanese.

In addition, some of his drawings for the pieces were shown.

Here is a drawing for the piece featured on the ticket.

And here is the actual piece.

Takeo also created  a video of his process and studio. It showed Corning Market Street, the Corning Museum of Glass, his studio, his home, and even our street. 

 A companion 120 page book, featuring all of his work was created for the exhibit. 

(I made the portrait of him for it.)

He signed the book for us.

Takeo is a celebrity! He was being interviewed for newspapers while we were there, and will be doing features with other master artists on television. The exhibit will travel from Kyoto to two more cities before he returns home to Corning in December.


Monday, November 7, 2011

"Field of Dreams" Oil Painting

"Field of Dreams"
8 x 10 Oil on Masonite

Put this painting in the mail today. I used a warm silver frame which I ordered from JFM Enterprises that is new to me. The wider frame makes an 8 x 10 look bigger, which is a good thing. The finished size is about 16 x 19.