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Monday, July 17, 2017

New Book on Colville

Alex Colville is one of the most popular artists in Canada, and there was a retrospective of his work in 2014, shortly after he passed away at age 92.

My art buddy, Anne, got to see the show in person in Canada and showed me her hard copy of the book associated it during my visit with her last January.  I was hooked.

So, I tried to track down a copy for myself.  It wasn't available in the US... until now.

A deluxe paperback edition became available on June 27, 2017.

It is cleverly edited by Andrew Hunter of the National Gallery of Canada and explores how Colville's art can mean so many different things to so many people, including how it impacted himself.

Wes Anderson's movie shot on the left.
Colville's painting on the right.

Much of the commentary is about Colville's influence on pop culture and other artists and writers, including Wes Anderson, the director of Moonrise Kingdom.  

The book is chock-full of his highly personal, quirky, moody pieces.  Animals are frequently in his paintings.

He was a WW2 war artist the book includes some of that work, and how it affected him.
He explores everyday stuff from unusual perspectives.  
The book also includes his highly contrived works, like this one.  

Faces are often turned away or completely obscured, making us wonder what is really going on.

I have also been clipping his paintings and putting them in a Pinterest album if you want to see more of them.  (Click here to see my pinterest page of Alex Colville's work.)


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