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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Annie's Suggestions and "Keuka Sunset" Painting

"Keuka Sunset"
6 x 9 Oil

Our neighbor, Annie, gave me some good advice last week when I was lamenting about my struggles with procrastination.

First, she said to make a list of 5 things to do for the day, and then put two things on it which you have already done!  Now that made me laugh.  A laugh is always good to improve your mood.

But it worked.  I looked for something that was almost done, instead of focusing on what I hadn't done.

 "Keuka Sunset" is a painting I worked on over the winter.  It is very loose.  I played using with lots of color and obvious paint strokes.  I used a photograph I took of the sunset through our willow trees, but I also exaggerated this information with feelings/memories of what the colors might have been.

Annie's other suggestion was to go for a walk.  "It always helps."  I took that advice, too, and it did help.

Thanks, Annie.


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