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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Moon" Oil Painting

12 x 9 Oil on Panel

Now that our house projects are mostly over, I am looking forward to painting this summer.  I have been gesso-ing surfaces in anticipation of a prolific period.  We'll see if my optimism pans out!  In total, I have 26 Masonite panels and 6 stretched canvases ready for painting, in a variety of sizes from small (6x6) to quite large (30x40). 

The "Moon" painting is one of the "winter" paintings I finished up last week.  Like the "Apple on the Windowsill," I painted it from a black and white film photograph taken years ago.   It's a view from our front porch through the trees.  The moon was irresistible that night.

I enjoyed making up the colors and figuring out how to use "dashes" as paint strokes to create a sense of broken moonlight.   


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