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Friday, March 15, 2013

"Three Fruits" Still Life

"Three Fruits"
8 x 10 Oil on Panel
This is the last of the still lifes to post.  And it is the most difficult to accurately photograph.  It really depends what light it is in.  This photo makes it look too vibrant even though  it is taken in natural light on a cloudy day.  In person, it looks more like the bottom photograph. 
It may have to do with the underpainting which is a very bright rose pink.  You can see it showing through the background on the upper left.  And in areas under the pear. 
To me, it is interesting that it is the same color underpainting as "Snapdragons" which I posted yesterday, and they came out so differently. 

At the beginning this is how it looked, if you recall.  I painted if from a black and white photo so I had to make up the colors. 

Here is how it looked for most of the winter.  I put it in this "old master's" type frame and had it hanging in my studio, and would work on the apple from time to time. 

Last week, I tweaked the apple and put it in the simpler black frame  -- the one I used for "The Barletts". 

So, that's it for the still lifes --- I have finished them all and put them in frames.  I am now working on three large panels -- a 24x28, a 30x40 and 32x40. 

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