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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Temporary Studio on Market Street

The soon-to-be  BHB Art Studio at 11 West Market Street

Today I started setting up an art studio in an empty storefront at 11 West Market Street in Corning. 

It's a great location between the Palace movie theater and Old World Cafe, directly across the street from West End Gallery.

It's going to give me room to expand to set up my painting projects --- I'd don't have room at home -- as well as present my photographs and iPaintings on the walls.

My oil paintings will continue to be sold across the street at West End Gallery.

I am not a retail shop, so I won't have regular stores hours, but I will be open by appointment and when I am there working.

I get to stay until a solution is found for the space.  World of Glass moved down the street, and they are looking for a new renter.


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