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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"From Here to There" Oil Painting

"From Here to There"
12" x 8" Oil on Panel

I am donating this oil painting, "From Here to There," for the upcoming fundraiser for the Fund for Women on April 27 at CMoG, where Senator Kirsten Gillibrand will be the guest speaker.  The topic is empowering girls and women.

I chose it for two reasons. 

I thought that a bridge would be a good metaphor.  We all need support to achieve our goals, and some women need the support of an organization like Fund for Women to make a step-change to their situation.

Also, I wanted to find a new, positive purpose for this painting.  Back in 2002, when I started it, I had electrical malfunctions/irregular heartbeats while painting it during workshop.  So, I associate it with that experience.

Before I reworked it recently, it looked like a scary forest scene, like in the Wizard of Oz movie.  Now it purposely has a more storybook quality to it.  I warmed up the whole scene, and made it loose and colorful.

I didn't have a photo reference for it, so my husband kindly went back to the park with me, and we walked around with the painting in hand, until we found the location where we thought the original photo was taken.

The trees had grown a lot in ten years.

And I feel the same way.


To learn more about the Fund for Women and their upcoming event:  www.communityfund.org/fund-for-women

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