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Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Unusual Friends" Oil Painting - Revised

Unusual Friends
8 x 10 Oil on Panel

Although The Observer exhibit was my priority, I have continued to paint with Lin on Monday afternoons.  The weather has been so nice we were even able to paint on her porch last week.

However, I didn't start anything new.  I reworked older paintings, including this one from 2008 -- it used to be called "Tomato and Corkscrew".  "Unusual Friends" is a better title, I think.

The first change I made was to paint a shelf for the subjects to sit on, and then I made the background more interesting by mixing greens and blues together to make it look more atmospheric.  The background is now a less saturated blue, too, which makes the area recede, and helps the tomato pop.


I pumped up the highlights on the corkscrew and lightened the areas on the shelf where light would be falling --- to increase the contrast.

The biggest improvement to the painting, I like to think, is the tomato.  I added more definition to it, and made it the star, when previously the corkscrew had been my focus.

I am pleased with the results.
I will be dropping this painting off at West End Gallery soon.  I have signed it and now the varnish is drying... and I put it in a black frame instead of gold. 


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