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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Turtle Cloud - Landscape Oil Painting

Turtle Cloud
18 x 24 Oil on Panel

Dropped off this painting at West End Gallery for their new show, Director's Choice, which opens this Friday, March 16.

It is one of my larger paintings ---of a simplified landscape, including a barn, and a voluminous cloud, which Lin, the gallery owner, thinks looks like a turtle; hence, the name.

Lin also chose The Princess and The Pea for her Director's Choice show.

"The Princess and The Pea" oil painting at West End Gallery

Coincidentally, the opening for West End Gallery is the same night as the opening of my exhibit, The Observer, at Arnot Art Museum. 

I have fought with myself --internally ---for a long time, that I had to do one, or the other, not both.  Painting and photography, that is.  So, it feels good to be able to have the wonderful opportunity to have two openings on the same night!

Hope people will try to make it both.

West End Gallery, Director's Choice, Friday, March 16, 5 - 7:30

Arnot Art Museum, Ziegler/Blumer opening reception, Friday, March 16, 5 - 7:30


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