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Monday, February 27, 2012

Photograph as Artifact

A new piece for The Observer entitled "The Priests"

As I get The Observer exhibit ready, I have been thinking about how the framed photographs are just objects, artifacts, that represents my "journey."

They are are the sum of my experience:  of exploring the initial idea, finding a meaty subject, starting the actual series, creating a working title for the series, then making the images with my camera, noodling the idea in my head, then selecting the images, pulling some in from the past, too, then editing them, working with them, creating a draft of a book to see if they "hang" together, then printing them small, putting them aside, coming back to them again, journaling about them (what am I really trying to say?), getting the final title for the series "right", then printing them again --bigger this time, asking trusted family and friends for their input, thinking some more, developing titles, selecting the "right" title for each one to aid the storytelling but not finishing the story, designing and producing and proofing the book, while making the final photographs, including matting, framing, windexing and reworking what doesn't look right even after it is all sealed up.

After all, a photograph is just a piece of paper hanging on a wall.

But it is the touchpoint where my work as The Observer ends and the "work" of the viewer as The Observer begins.


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