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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Make-Up Paintings (Painted with Eye Shadow)

Painted with Eye Shadow Make-Up

Switching gears now away from posting iPaintings and on to other work I have been doing.

As background, I returned from Japan very inspired and open to trying new things.  For example, I signed up for a pottery class so I could learn to throw a pot. (Japan has amazing ceramics.)

But I also wanted (and needed)  to return to my old routine, which includes oil painting on Mondays with Lin. 

I was very rusty and out-of-practice, not having painted anything since early October.  Once you stop, you begin to doubt whether you can do it again.  Artist's block, fear, call it what you will. 

To chase away the demons, I decided I needed to warm-up by doing something completely different, and out of the box, so that I couldn't have any preconceived notions for how I should paint.

The morning before our painting session, I happened to clean out my make-up kit,  and I realized that here was the answer! Three pots of powder eye shadow, two grays and one warm brown. 

They were going in the trash anyway, so why not paint with them!

I dug out watercolor paper, my water color brushes, and some photo references from my box of ideas.

Armed with enthusiasm, I went over to Lin's and convinced her we should try this.  What the heck, if it didn't work, we could throw it all away.

A few hours later, we both had interesting paintings and were smiling!

I liked doing it so much, I made another painting the following Monday which I will post it tomorrow.

16 x 20 including the size of the frame


  1. Now that is totally cool. Great composition with a unique media. Like it a lot. Thanks for sharing. Doug B

  2. Barbara Hall BlumerDecember 14, 2011 at 8:09 PM

    Thanks, Doug.

    I really enjoyed painting it. Maybe I am on to something...