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Friday, September 16, 2011

Figures in the Landscape: Grace's Gardens "Grid" Painting

Grace's Gardens
8 x 10 Oil on Masonite

This is our last weekend at the lake, so I am under the gun to finish the grid paintings from this year.  I will be putting this one in the mail to Sarah on Monday. 

Grace's Garden is an impressive lily garden, open for sales to the public, on the west side of Seneca lake, near Geneva.  Grace is a master gardener who I met through The Windmill where I used to sell Two Sisters Studio jewelry.

Over the winter, I got interested in painting figures in their environment.  Full figures, not just heads.  This led to Grace's Gardens, the Museum Note Taker, Catching Rays, and In the Park.  Previously, I had painted cows, but not people.

Based on the reactions to the work, and my enjoyment in doing them, I am going to do more figures in the landscape. 


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