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Friday, April 22, 2011

Underpainting for "Patch of Light" - In Progress

Photo of Underpainting for "Patch of Light" - in Progress
8x10 Oil Alkyd on Masonite

This is another painting in progress.  Took a photo of it because the scan is pretty bad as shown below.

Scan of "Patch of Light" -in Progress
8 x 10 Oil Alkyd on Masonite

For some reason, my scanner doesn't pick up purples well.  Not good for this underpainting which is done in purples and yellow.

In this painting, I am experimenting with painting from a black and white film image which I took on a trip to Scotland in 1998 before I had a digital camera.  I continue to want to figure out how to make paintings from black and white images.  Now that I have the underpainting done, I have to figure out how I am going to add color.

This presents lots of exciting problems to solve:  what kind of apple is it?  A green one or a yellow one.  Do I just focus on adding to color to the apple, or to the entire painting?

Also, I don't usually do underpaintings, but it could be a very good step to add to my process because I can solve my drawing problems at this stage.  Plus I find it very enjoyable and relaxing to paint monochromatically, just using warm and cool versions of two colors, in this case, purples and yellows.


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