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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oil Cans

Oil Cans - 11x14 Oil on Masonite

This painting was problematic from the very beginning.  I started with a very poor reference and learned that I will never use such a poor reference again! 

While vacationing over the 4th of July last year, I was attracted to these old oil cans from Tom's parents cottage at the Thousand Islands, so hastily pulled them out and photographed them before we left. 

Note to self:  Don't rush to set up a still life.  Take your time and make it right from the get go!

Over the last year, I have reworked these oil cans what seems like a gazillion times.  Eventually, I created a table for them to sit on, as if they are in a workshop, and put a sign on the wall to balance the composition.  And, created a passageway for the eye to come between the two middle cans. 

I also lightened and darkened the background numerous times to see how it would change the dynamics of the painting.  I even sanded it off one time to get rid of the layers of paint that had accumulated from the
effort to salvage the painting.

But most of the time, I had drawing problems, because the reference was different than the new environment for them.   Most of them I resolved, but that left me with other problems.

When you rework a painting as many times as I did this one, you lose a lot.  It becomes a train wreck.  I am calling it quits on this painting.  Time to move on.

my reference

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