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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tulips Study

Tulips Study 8x10 Oil Alkyd on Masonite

Painted this study of tulips because I wanted to see if I could get more accurate, vibrant colors for flowers by starting out with a white surface (versus the mid-tone brown I have been using.)  They answer is yes.  And I wanted to see if I could get a sense of motion in a floral painting (versus a static still-life.)  Not sure.

This is the photo reference. I took the image in Ithaca, last year, in front of the DeWitt building. It was a beautiful, sunny day, but windy. I moved things a bit around in my painting but tried to keep the rhythm and brightness. I am not sure if I like the scale of the tulips in the painting. They are life size, but they still seem a little too "in your face." At any rate, I learned a lot about the form of tulips and how transparent their petals are. I loved all of the colors I got to mix. It was fun.

It's a very loose study, on an 8x10 masonite panel.  I used oil alkyds- which dry fast --- and completed it as quickly as I could.  I had fun.  When I got home from painting with Lin, I asked Tom what he thought.  He said that it looked like it should be "crisper," which is what he says when my paintings look unfinished.  So, I took it to the lake and put it on the "study" wall for now.  I can noodle it later.  I was satisfied for now.   

This is the grid on the wall in our guest room at the cottage that I want to fill with paintings this summer.  Right now it has two old plein air paintings in it, and the more recent Kueka Lake vineyards landscape, and now the tulips.  I have them tacked into the frame using map pins.  It's a mullion frame from a french door turned on its side.  It will be a good place to let my paintings dry and to critique them. 

I am excited about filling the grid.  There are 15 slots.  It's a simple goal, with the only restrictions being the 8 x10 size and a horizontal format.  If the grid gets full, I will start giving away the paintings to guests. :)

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