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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Peacock on Chair, Oil on Masonite, 21.5 x 24"

Finished the peacock's beak and eye yesterday, so I framed it ---finally.  I was stuck in limbo about this painting for a long time. 

I started it a couple of years ago, just because I was intriqued by a photo I cut out of magazine.  I wanted to see if I create a background color that instantly read as "peacock," even from a distance.  

I remember being in painting class and realizing that other people were more interested in painting the actual peacock and all of his glorious details, and I wasn't even excited by that. (I also remember getting nervous and second guessing myself because I know I am not into detail, and that I could never become a hyper- realist. Someday I want to be about mood, and the bare essentials.) At the time, it was all about the color for me.  Plus I have this thing for chairs.  I like to photograph them and paint them and own them. 

Anyway,  it was a stock photo associated with a quote in Real Simple/May 2007 which read:  " Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless; peacocks and lilies for instance."  --John Ruskin, The Stones of Venice.

When I stopped the painting it looked like this  --- I didn't have much time put into it.  I remember enjoying painting something larger.  It's 21.5 x 24.  

It got put in the pile with the rest of my half-finished paintings -- until last fall--- when I started working my way through all of my old stuff. 

However, this time I had to confess that I felt awful about this painting.  It wasn't even my idea or my reference --- am I plagarizing???  How did I let myself do that?  How would I feel if someone used one of my photos without permission and painted it?  Should I just paint over the peacock and erase the guilt??

After numerous conversations with Lin, I decided not to paint over it, but I would

  • research who the photographer is, and

  • give her credit on the back of the painting, and

  • I wouldn't sell it.
So, my thanks go to Catherine Ledner, who is represented by Getty Images.  http://www.catherineledner.com/  She is a very successful commercial photographer, living in LA, with a specialty in animals. 

And I have vowed that I am only going to use my own references going forward. 

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