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Friday, March 12, 2010

Frames Are More Important Than I Thought

I am finding that having a frame for a painting makes a world of difference in how I feel about painting.

It really helps me when I pop something I am working on into its frame, step back, see how it looks, then make adjustments.  Somehow it gives me a fresh perspective and a boost to keep going.

A blocker:  I did not have a resource for frames that was reasonably priced, of good quality and fast.  But now I do!  It's Franken Frames.  http://www.frankenframes.com/.    My favorite frame from them is this warm silver slope, no. 6910, if I remember correctly, shown below. 

8 x 10 Farmstand Flowers
Here's an example.  I like the farmstand flowers painting better now that it is framed.  I can now move on, e.g, hang it at the lake or gift it. 

Boots, 14 x 15

Ditto for the boots painting I did last year.  I finally ordered a custom Franken Frame for it.  It is a non-standard size.  One of my stumbling blocks in completing work was the odd sizes of masonite I had been painting on.

I also ordered one for the peacock.  It, too, is an odd size, but now that the frame has arrived, I will be motivated to tweak the peacock's beak and finish it for good.  I will post it next.  The peacock has another big learning for me associated with it ---
So, going forward, I am going to have the frame on hand, or planned, before I begin something new.  It may sound expensive to do it this way, but it means that the work has to be frame-worthy and I am less like to just goof around and/or procrastinate finishing something.

The frame, strangely, is a motivator for me.  I am glad that I figured that out over the last year. 

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