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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Door Knob In Progress

Yesterday's revisions
Here's a painting I have worked on, on and off, recently.  It's 8 x 10, Alkyd on masonite.  I am debating whether or not to put the filigree detail on the doorknob.  I like the door latch part now.  And the contrast in textures between the old wood and the metal of the knob.  What is my center of interest?  It is still the door knob?

The second time I worked on it

The first time
When I started it I erroneously put the door knob on the left, but realized that I had it backwards.

All of the other things I am working on are projects from the past.  I think I am getting ready to start some new work and this is a warm-up.  Fingers-crossed!

At any rate, I still have to decide if I want to paint the filigree.  It was one the elements that attracted me to the reference to make me want to paint it.  But now that I am this far along, I don't know if it needs it. 
My reference

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