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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Printing Cottage Quiet and Blurb Book test

The Cottage Quiet series is the last photography project I worked on (see my posts from July and August, 2009), and I am ready to start something new --- I am noodling several ideas --- but first, I have to decide what to do with Cottage Quiet. 

I need closure, so I can move on.

I have had a few requests for prints from blog followers.  However, I procrastinated for a really long time.  Then just after the new year, I was finally able to get myself to turn on my photography printer (the one I used for In Their Studios) to see if I could remember how to print. It had been over a year since I printed anything.

It was interesting to see what images were requested from the series. One request was for these two to hang as a pair:

Mirror 16 x 20

                                                                                    Glass Doorknob 16 x 20

And the other request was for a donation for the Corning Children's Center fundraiser.  I let them pick some favorites and then printed one for them.  Their choices were Row Boat View, Clothespins, Hive, Calm, Rain, Crystal Doorknob, Stairs, Water Over Rocks, End of Day and I printed Calm. 

Calm 16 x 20

It was stressful, but I eventually figured out how to get the darn machine to accept the art paper and to make a reasonable to print.  I really miss the traditional darkroom.  I loved the wet chemicals and processing.  It was much more like cooking and chemistry.  I loved counting and waiting to see the image appear and being in the dark, even though it was slow and tedious, not to mention health risks for me and the environment. Now I have to deal with calibration of equipment, finicky mechanical machines and clogged print heads!

So I avoid printing.  I invest my time in capturing images, and working with them in Lightroom, the photographer's software program for improving images. Then I have been posting them on my blog and making inexpensive proofs at the local drugstore as references.  Eventually --- if I see there being a real need -- I will invest time in setting up a reliable, fluid printing process.

In the meantime, I think I will make a book on Blurb of Cottage Quiet.  That sounds like more fun to me.   

Jeff Perrault suggested Blurb back in August.  But I hadn't tried an on-demand book.  My experience with publishing a book was the old-fashioned, expensive way, i.e., using a local printer and having a minimum run.  It was a big investment in time and money.

But I did love creating my book, In Their Studios (with Jaci's help.)  It was challenging, yet fun, to create the design, choose the images and arrange their flow, write the text and see the book come to fruition.

So, yes --- I do think that Cottage Quiet would be a nice book ---

I thought I'd test Blurb out and see what the quality is like.  See how the process works and how much it would cost, and how long it would take.

I decided to use my food blog, Feast Everyday, for the test.  And I am amazed by how easy and fast the process is.

My Blurb Book -- Feast Everyday, 194 pages, full color, hard cover

You can read about how I did it on my food blog if you are interested.  http://www.feasteveryday.blogspot.com/ or check out http://www.blurb.com/.  People are making all kinds of books and they look great!

Net net, it was easy enough and the quality was good enough that I am going to proceed with making a Cottage Quiet book --- I just need to find the time to do it.


  1. Hello Barb, please keep me in the loop as far as your next book project goes, "Cottage Quiet." It is something that I would definately be interested in, if it would be made available. You know how I feel about wet work in the darkroom. Though it has been a while since I've printed, with other projects going on at the moment, it is something that is part of my process to make an image. I haven't heard of Blurb before, (big surprise there), but that might be an interesting way to get some projects put together. Thanks for all the sharing.


  2. Hi Barb, too cool! Sign me up...Jeff