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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Fund for Women Donation 2018

16x20" Make-up Painting
AVAILABLE to buy to support the Fund for Women

This year I am donating one of my Make-Up Paintings to the Fund for Women 2018 Fundraiser.  They are now in the 10th year and I was/am a charter member.  They give grants to women in our area.  Here the link if you would like to see what they do:  http://www.ffwst.org/history/

Here is the blurb I gave them to go with it:

"Layers" painting is 16 x 20 inches framed, and is a painting of the atmospheric layers we often see around here when the fog is lifting over the hills and the lakes, as happened one morning when I was driving back from Keuka Lake to Corning in the summer a few years ago.  

The painting is done with eye make-up, Bobbi Brown, to be specific.  I have been making "Make-Up" paintings now for about 5 years.  They started one day when I was supposed to throw away my old Bobbi Brown make-up and decided to "play" with it instead.  I apply the warms and cool eye shadows with water using brushes on watercolor paper.  The result is a soft monochromatic painting, somewhat reminiscent of old engravings. (Which doesn't fade, and is archival, in case people are wondering.  I think it is because Bobbi Brown uses pretty much all natural products, like clays, for her eye make-up. )

If you would like to buy this painting to support the Fund for Women, it will be at their June event or you can email me and I will put you in touch with them.


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