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Monday, February 26, 2018

"Country Road" Oil Painting

"Country Road"
5x7" oil

These past six weeks have been consumed with family matters so I haven't had much time to paint or be in my studio.  However, I did complete this little one.

I am starting to make thumbnails, which means a small drawing in black and white, in preparation for painting.  The purpose is to make sure that design is good, i.e., the composition, before your begin to paint and add color. 

It is a new step for me (as I usually just draw with paint on the canvas as part of the underpainting) and I can see that it will be to my benefit once I put it into practice.
So, I took the painting I have by a local painter, James Ramsdall, and decided to see if I could redesign it.  I am not sure what he would think of me doing this, but I wanted to try it on a landscape with a sense of depth, and this is what I had.  (I didn't paint over it, I just used it as my reference.)
Here is my drawing and how I moved the tree to foreground instead of the middle ground, and changed it to a tree that I am more likely to see and know. I made the road the subject. And I want you to go down it into the countryside.
When I painted it, I can now see that I got a little crazy with the colors, but it was a good experience, and I intend to make thumbnails and drawings for my paintings going forward.


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