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Friday, November 10, 2017


20x16, Misprinted Photograph

This is a misprint of an image I have been working on.  I put the paper in upside down, and the image was printed on the wrong side. 

I liked the way it looked --- a little spooky --- so I baked it in the oven to cure it.

It attracted lint at some stage, and there are roller marks from the printer, but these things add to its accidental-ness, making it all the more attractive to me.

I am also showing you here, how the original image looks.  It is of a passageway in Somerset House in London, where we were visiting the Museum of Water, a special exhibit which was being held down there in the lower regions.

Apparently, in these very large old buildings, there are lower passageways to connect the wings, and the outside ones are called lightwells, so that natural light can reach the underground areas.  You can click here to see the Deadhouse and Lightwells at Somerset house.


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