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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"Moonlight" LIttle World Oil Painting

Little World No. 9-"Moonlight Row"
1.5" round oil, 8x10" framed

This is my newest little world, entitled "Moonlight."  And it is the last of the original batch of 9 black frames and companion collages of origami/international currency.  Click  here to see all nine.

Well, this "end" created a dilemma for me.  Do I stop making Little Worlds now that I am out of materials?

I have lots more ideas for Little Worlds, and it was making me sad to think about stopping, so I started to track down the materials I would need.

The frame is discontinued.  The wooden rounds are discontinued.  The fiber washers I bought from CBC and painted gold are discontinued.

But I was able to find more international currency, from our travels in the past: Italy, Austria, Singapore, Mexico, Bermuda, China, Taiwan, ---even a note from Cambodia when I went to see Angkor Wat  --- and from Argentina which was from a business trip over 25 years ago.

Finding the money and thinking about all of those experiences made me even more motivated to keep going.

So, I persevered and have now found everything I need but the frame.  And I will keep on working on a source, or evolve to a new frame.

I have two "drafts" of paintings on my easel now.  one for "Armchair Traveler" and another for a "Drive-In" movie theater.

These will be the beginning of the next generation of Little Worlds.


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