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Friday, March 3, 2017

New Pen Drawings

Now that March is here, I thought I would start to post some of the new pieces I have been working on.  
The first group I completed includes four pen drawings.  I bought a set of COPIC sketching markers in a range of neutral grays.  These pens/markers are permanent, alcohol-based inks and were developed in Japan over 25 years ago for designers and fine artists. 

You can't erase, just like when I am creating my eye make-up paintings, so it is a challenge to plan the highlights (i.e., the whitest parts) and protect them.  

"Ode to Kertesz" 
4x6 in 8x10 frame
We got to see the original Andre Kertesz photograph of this subject at the Barnes Museum in Philadephia in January.  He has always been one of my favorite photography pioneers.  

"Lake Sketch"
4x6 in 8x10 frame

This is an imaginary landscape of how the lakes look around here, including an imaginary celestial sun or moon. You can decide if it is daytime or nighttime.  

"Pear Studies"
4x6 in 8x10 frame

This was the first time I used the new pens.  What's fun about these sketches is that this is the reverse side.  The inks collect in interesting ways, and the result is a batik-type feel.

"Three Pears"
4x6 in 8x10 frame

When I added two pears they seemed to connect to each other.  Then, the three pears began to look like birds in the bottom sketch.  All of the pears are imaginary.

I have framed all of them in 8x10" mats and in a classic, black wooden frame.  The size of all of the drawings are 4x6 inches.  


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