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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

"Mechanically Minded"

"Mechanically Minded"
20x16 inches

This is really an ode to Peigi.  She was the one who got me to print it two years ago as a gift to her husband for his birthday.  And this Spring she has helped me edit and prioritize my "inbox" of art projects. She has been one of my art "consultants" over the years, and I really appreciate her perspective/input.



  1. Evening Barb,

    Very nice, was this shot taken at a working line shaft shop or mill? Any particulars you could pass along would be appreciated. If a time could be arranged, maybe come see it.


    Doug Boor

  2. Good to hear from you Doug-- It's an image looking up at the water driven grist mill wheels in the rafters. From a visit to Homestead Village outside Waco Texas.
    Happy to show it to you anytime. Just let me know when you will be on the street. Best, Barbara