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Friday, March 10, 2017

Extra Large Landscape Oil Paintings

"Meditation on the Meaning of Home"
36x48" Oil 
I guess I forgot to post "Meditation on the Meaning of Home," which I completed last year. It is a painting of a stylized farmhouse and birdhouse, derived from a view looking west during my visit to the peony farm last June.  It is large:  36x48 inches.  And oil.  I was exploring how to simplify the landscape into its essential elements, while thinking about the farmhouse and the birdhouse.  They are shelters, but are they homes?

Plus, last year I updated "Big Sky, Country Road", my first large painting.  I re-painted the sky based on re-reading Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting, making it bluer and darker at the top then transitioning to make it lighter and greener as the sky meets the land, to make it more atmospheric.
I painted the sides of these big canvases, too, extending the landscape around the edge, so that they would look more finished, because...

Left side
a guy from the U.K., who judges work there, told me that my landscapes would not be accepted into their competition unless I did. Interesting. Since I had never painted a large canvas before, I did not know this. It's either paint the edges, or put it in a frame, from what I understand.

That's one of the benefits of having a studio on the street.  I am constantly getting input on my work.


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