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Saturday, September 3, 2016

"Potting Shed" Oil Painting

"Potting Shed"
6x9 Oil

I am enjoying being in "Back to School" mode, i.e., getting my studio in order to begin some new projects this fall, as well as reviewing "what I did on my vacation."

One of the fun things I did this summer was go to back to the peony farm with another painter friend who had never been.  She painted the barn and rows of peonies, as I have done in the past, but I looked for something else.

It took me a while to decide, but I eventually chose this potting shed. I liked the door within a door view, and the rhythm of the green vines against the hard lines of the roof.

Since it took me while to decide, I had little time to paint.  It was really hot and I was very uncomfortable.  The wind blew my umbrella away and flipped my paints onto the ground.  My painting was out of control, even though I had used a limited palette of colors.

So I took my "start" home and stuck it in the freezer.  The whole painting.  It is only 6x9 inches, so it fit just fine.

A month or more later, I took it out and finished it based on the photos I had taken and what I could remember from being there.

I really enjoyed painting from memory and purposely left it very loose.  So I salvaged what I had started.  I had almost thrown it away.

I concluded from this experience that I am no longer cut out to be a plein air painter.  I don't enjoy dragging my easel and the paints and supports and all of the gear to the site.  Then, fighting the elements.

But I really enjoyed going to the peony farm for inspiration.  I took lots of photos, and next time I will go and sketch, instead of trying to do an oil painting.

I have been joking that I was going to name this painting:  "The last time I went out to paint en plein air."  Instead, I have settled on "Potting Shed."


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