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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"Old Barn" Make-up Painting

"Old Barn"
16x20" Make-up Painting

I recently framed this make-up painting.   (I am showing it before I put the glass in to avoid glare.)

It is of a very old barn in the area which belongs to elderly Mr. Scudder.  He asked me if I was with the "tax department" when he drove up in his pick-up and saw me taking photos of it from the road from many angles.  I said,  "No, I was just admiring his barn, and I hoped to make a painting of it."  I liked the way the light was hitting on the fence overgrown with vines.  He then told me a neighbor stores his hay in it, but otherwise it isn't used for much.  And that he was born up the road.  I think he said he was 92. And that "he can still get around on a tractor."

Today a very nice couple came in and picked it out to take home.


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