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Saturday, May 21, 2016

"Farm Field View" Oil Painting

"Farm Field View"
8x10  Oil

Completed this study after I returned from Peter Fiore's landscape workshop, to practice some of the techniques we learned about conveying space, and applying paint.

Peter is a very nice, very interesting, very successful painter about my age, i.e., 60.  We both have an interest in photography, including street photography, so that was an added plus for me.  He and his wife, Barbara, who is also an artist, run very successful workshops about 4 times a year, in charming Milford, PA. Where PA/ NJ/NY intersect, near Port Jervis.

Highly recommend their workshops.  Peter Fiore Landscape Painting:  Beyond the Photograph

I chose his workshop because he uses lots of color, which I like to do, and because he paints from images which he collects in the field, which I also prefer.  A painter friend of mine, Ileen Kaplan, had taken the course.  He has painters who take the workshop repeated times, so you know it is good.


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