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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"Spooky Rockwell Study"

"Spooky Rockwell Study"
8x10 Oil

The Rockwell Museum is a landmark in our town.  It is the Old City Hall.   A friend of mine captured it at night with a spooky sky, using her cell phone after dinner one evening.

I used her photo so that I could try a night painting where the light comes from sources like street lamps and/or the moon.  Plus I have never painted a complicated building like the Rockwell.
After a hour or so.  I used a bright teal-toned panel.  

The painting is intended to be very loose.  I completed it over a day or two.  I played with creating the spooky sky. It was fun.  Like a big puzzle to solve.

The painting holds together pretty well.  Now I am considering whether or not to paint a larger version.

I definitely enjoyed painting a night painting, and will be looking for more night subjects to paint.


(click here to read about the building's history:  http://rockwellmuseum.org/visit/cornings-old-city-hall/)

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