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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Guggenheim was Inspiring

Inside the Guggenheim

Finally made it to the Guggenheim museum in New York City, and it was so much better than I thought it would be.
Lo Strappo by Alberto Burri

We saw a very interesting exhibit: a retrospective of Alberto Burri's work.  He was a pioneer in modern art, the first to make assemblages and to work with mixed materials. He was greatly affected by WW2. His show is from Oct 9, 2015 until January 6, 2016.

But it was the building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright--- and how it flows --- that was delightful.

We wound our way up the spiral path learning about Burri's work, and taking side trips into the collections of Impressionist and Modern art in the side rooms.

You could tell from the upbeat talking going on that people were really enjoying themselves.  It was a wonderful place for people watching.

I am starting to keep track of what I find inspiring as part of working my way through Chris Orwig's new book, The Creative Fight.

But more on that later.  I really was surprised by the Guggenheim.  I thought it would be old-fashioned. Because it was built in 1959 and made of concrete.  Clearly, I was wrong.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"Spooky Rockwell Study"

"Spooky Rockwell Study"
8x10 Oil

The Rockwell Museum is a landmark in our town.  It is the Old City Hall.   A friend of mine captured it at night with a spooky sky, using her cell phone after dinner one evening.

I used her photo so that I could try a night painting where the light comes from sources like street lamps and/or the moon.  Plus I have never painted a complicated building like the Rockwell.
After a hour or so.  I used a bright teal-toned panel.  

The painting is intended to be very loose.  I completed it over a day or two.  I played with creating the spooky sky. It was fun.  Like a big puzzle to solve.

The painting holds together pretty well.  Now I am considering whether or not to paint a larger version.

I definitely enjoyed painting a night painting, and will be looking for more night subjects to paint.


(click here to read about the building's history:  http://rockwellmuseum.org/visit/cornings-old-city-hall/)

Friday, October 16, 2015

New Addition to The Studio

New Addition to the Studio

Another week in the studio has flown by.  I happy to say that several paintings have now found new homes.  And I have wrapped up all of my responsibilities from the Wineglass Marathon.  

And it is was a good week because I found this armoire at a barn sale. The owner (who is a printmaker) had purchased it in Wales, shipped it back to the US, and is no longer using it.  

I have zero storage in my studio, so I am thrilled to have a solution for my camera equipment, canvases and bulky items. Plus I now have a place to hang my coat, just in time for winter.

Today it was delivered and it fits perfectly in the alcove.  Seems meant to be!  


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Post Marathon Thoughts

Wineglass Marathon 2015 posters

What a wonderful event!  The weather was beautiful on race day.  The people who came to town to run the race were enthusiastic and lots of fun to talk to.

My original painting and posters on display in my studio window

I signed posters for runners and supporters from all over the US --- Connecticut, Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania -- to name a few.
Click on the photo to see the poster up close

In case you still want one, and want me to sign it --- just let me know.  Email me at BarbBlumer@gmail.com.

I would be happy to coordinate with the Wineglass Marathon office to buy one for you  (they are $10 plus tax) and then ship it to you in its mailing tube.  The post office charges $2.75 for first class shipping. So, all in all it would be about $14.

It really made me feel good to hear how many people liked the painting which became this year's poster.

It was inspiring to be around the runners and to hear their stories leading up to and after the race.