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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Studio Disruption

Last Friday at 5 a.m.

No, a car didn't crash through my window.  No, I wasn't broken into.  No it wasn't vandalism.  But yes it is a problem.

What should have been a non-event for my studio became a fiasco last Friday.
There was quite a commotion going on outside until about 2 p.m.  

My landlord ordered new, improved glass for my windows.  The idea was that it would be safer --- because it would be safety glass if it ever did break --- and it would be more efficient ---because it would be thicker and double-paned --- and it would be UV blocking---which would protect the shop displays from fading as well as be energy efficient.  All good things! 
You can no longer see in my studio on the side where I paint
(Until it gets fixed) 

Unfortunately, unknown to me, the project specified a bronzed tint for the glass.  So, it changes the light inside, as if you are wearing sunglasses, and I need natural light to paint.  

And from the outside you can't see what I am doing, nor what is in the windows. Essentially, it is privacy glass.  The opposite of what is needed on a storefront.  The sunnier it is, the more reflective the glass becomes.  Hard to show artwork in those conditions, much less paint.
I still have one good display window (on the left) while I wait for new glass, but half is in the dark (on the right).

With the help of many advocates of the merchants on the street, the project got stopped.  So, at least only half of my windows are "in the dark."

Yesterday, I was reassured that everything than can be done will be done to see that clear glass is put in my windows as soon as possible.

So, if you were wondering what was happening, that is the scoop.  


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