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Friday, July 10, 2015

Big Canvas Progression

4 feet wide and 3 feet tall

One of my goals has been to try painting big.  I don't have an easel big enough to hold a canvas that large, so, I decided to hang it on the wall in the front window and paint it there.
Because I wanted to paint clouds, I chose this image which I took last summer with my cell phone and turned it to black and white.  I like to paint from B&W and make up the colors.  I want this to be a big colorful painting.
And so it began.  From the top down.  Probably unorthodox but that's what I decided to do.
The photo reference was taped to the wall so I could paint from it and compare. I realized I probably should have sketched the whole thing before applying color --- but live and learn.
It was very challenging to scale up the drawing, so I eventually drew a grid on the photo and on the canvas and painted each rectangle.
Here's where I stopped.
Until this week, when I pushed myself to paint the land.  Day one results.  Road, barn and right fields/distant hills.
Day 2 morning. Created the farm house on the other side of the road and the big trees to make the barn look far away.
Day 2 lunchtime.  Just a little more to go, to get all of the canvas covered. It was fun but hard to fill the gap in the middle ground.
End of the day 2.  Finally covered it all.  Now it is time to let it dry and assess and decide if I want to keep it as loose as it is or go back over the whole thing and soften all of the transitions.

Day 3.  (Yesterday).  I moved it from the front window to center of the studio so I could have a better look at it.
Day 4 (Today).  Not sure if I am finished with it.  But I am very pleased that I completed the entire surface and I learned as much as I did from painting big.  

It takes a lot of paint to cover such a big surface.  And it takes more arm movement and strength to paint so big.   


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