Spring Migration

3 minute video of  Snow Geese migration
(if you can't see the video in your browser, click here)

I have been in a funk lately --- for more months than I want to count. Not painting  --- nor posting here on my blog.

But yesterday I heard honking overhead, and looked up to find a flock of snow geese flying north.

If you haven't seen snow geese then you won't know why it was so memorable.  They sound like the common black and brown Canadian geese but they are all white.  And gather in huge groups when they migrate.

The first time I saw them they were in the farm fields north of Seneca lake, close to where the above video was taken.  (for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology by Gerrit Vyn)  We thought they were seagulls, but as we got closer, they were too big for seagulls, and then we realized they were geese.  Lots and lots of them.

But I never expected to see them flying over our house here in Corning.

It was such an unexpected treat that it really jolted me into remembering how there are rhythms to life.

Including my own.

And that it is time for my own spring migration.