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Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Daffodils" Make-up Painting

20 x 16 (frame size)
Make-up Painting

I completed this make-up painting a while ago, but had trouble photographing it due to glare on the glass. Yesterday, I removed the glass and was able to make a good image of it.

It is the 5th of the make-up paintings I have completed.

These are daffodils from our backyard ---  in a glass milk bottle which I found in an antiques shop down the street from my studio.  I set up the still life and made some good photos of it, then turned it to black and white to use as my reference for this project.

I painted it with Bobbi Brown eye make-up which I applied with brush and water, using warm and cool grays and browns.  The whitest whites comes from the white of the watercolor paper left untouched.

This time I used pencil to help me with the drawing and edges.  And, I worked carefully and diligently to get as much contrast as I could, i.e., a range of tones between a darkest black to a lightest white.

Here it is at an earlier stage side by side with the reference.


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