"Leslie" Portrait by Tom Buechner

"Leslie" by Tom Buechner
50 x 30 inches
Gift of Howard Kimball to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1987

Yesterday, Herb Dann surprised me with a visit.  I haven't seen him in many, many years.  He was head of design for Corning's Housewares division during the time that I worked there.

His visit to my studio gave me the opportunity to thank him for something he may not have even remembering doing.

I said that on my list of most memorable experiences ---one is the time that we were in NYC on business to visit Smart Design or do something which I don't remember now --- when Herb said that he wanted to make a side trip to see something at the Met.

I will never forget climbing the staircase, entering the gallery and seeing Tom Buechner's portrait of Herb's daughter, Leslie.  

Herb reminded me that it was the new American wing and a special exhibit.  Probably 1987.

Wow!  It made a huge impression on me.  It was beautifully painted.  It was wonderful to see a painter from Corning in the Met and that it was Herb's daughter who was the subject.

Alice Tully, 1987 by Thomas S. Buechner

Thomas S. "Tom" Buechner completed over 300 portraits, including Alice Tully which hangs in Alice Tully Hall, in Lincoln Center, and over 3000 paintings in his career.  Sadly, he passed away four years ago around this time.