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Sunday, May 25, 2014

"Lamoka Layers" Painting

"Lamoka Layers"
12 x 16 Oil

Lamoka is one of the lakes between here and our cottage on Keuka lake so we pass it frequently under many different lighting conditions.  One of my favorites is when there is still fog and low clouds lifting up off the lake against the sun when I am driving back to Corning in the morning.
I also wanted to experiment with Chromatic Black, a color developed by Gamblin.  It is actually a mix of Phthalo Emerald and Quinacridone Red.  My brother-in-law had it in his studio when we visited last November. I had never seen or used the product before.

Blacks (such as Ivory Black) are often avoided because they can make your paint colors look dirty (ugly).

Gamblin says their product, Chromatic Black, can be used to darken and de-saturate paint colors without dirtying the color.  Normally, I do this by adding its complement, its color wheel opposite, such as a little red mixed into a green.
For "Lamoka Layers", I used a very limited palette of zinc buff, instead of white, the chromatic black, a turquoise I bought over the winter to try also, and a cool red-orange(vermilion) and a warm pale yellow (Naples).

Yesterday, my "framing consultant", Ellen, came to the studio and we settled on silver (versus gold or black) because it brings out the layers.  So, I finished up the foreground, and signed it and hung it on the wall.

It quickly found interest and is now on hold to be picked up.

Today is another day of Glassfest and I am looking forward to spending time with all of the visitors who have come to town for the event.


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