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Saturday, May 31, 2014

"Billowing Cloud" (Barnegat Bay) Painting

"Billowing Cloud"
8x8 Oil

Over the winter, I re-worked this painting then put it in the window of my studio.  I sanded off some of the layers to make the transitions softer, and the surface more interesting.  I thought the colors and the reflections were working, so no change to them.

Yesterday, I have to admit, I was debating whether or not to add an element of human interest to provide scale, like a boat, when a client came in and said he wanted it because it reminded him of sailing on Barnegat Bay, NJ in a regatta before a storm.  

He said that the bay is very shallow (only 7 to 12 feet) and the waters can be flat with big clouds in the distance.  When I looked up photos of the bay, I can see why he made the connection.

It was good to learn (once again) that "less is more" and I am very happy that this painting will have a new home.


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